Speak Football English

Communicate better English with your players and get a clearer message across!

  • Get confidence that you are using the right football terminology
  • Become better at explaining football methods and ideas in English
  • Improve your English for all environments in football - quickly!
  • Avoid confusion when coaching players
  • Write better player/opposition analysis in English reports
  • Improve your fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary range
  • Adapt easier to native English speaking countries

English for Football Professionals Online Courses

Explain tactics and strategies better with this series of video tutorials that help you use football tactical phrases effectively.

1-to-1 English Online Classes for Football Coaches, Scouts & Analysts

Personalised online English classes for football professionals. Improve your English in the context of your career.

English for Football Scouts Online Courses

Improve the quality of your scouting reports so that clubs trust in your ability to accurately report players and teams.

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