Explain your football
ideas in English,
clearer and quicker

Learn all the words and phrases you need to explain your ideas
about the game with an English Football Coach

Improve your technical English with a qualified football coach

The key to success in football is communication.


Standard English courses don’t give you the tools to perform in a football environment.

Which means you may express your football ideas badly..

….resulting in failure and frustration.

The English For Football method has been created to give you ALL of the key English phrases you need

..so that  you can express your football methodology and thoughts the way that you intend to.

And become a success in your footballing career!

Effective results with the English For Football method

Easy to learn

Clear, detailed and short video explanations so that you will be able to easily remember and know EXACTLY when to use them.

Quick Results

Save 100s of hours on ineffective English classes! These short videos will be give you the most important phrases you can use immediately.

Fun & interactive

Video clips of real game scenarios so that you can stay 100% engaged and motivated to complete the course and come back again and again.

"I am feeling more confident to speak English in the football world. I can talk about tactics and lifestyle. I believe I am ready if I move to an English speaking country thanks to the EFF method of learning.
RC Strasbourg Midfielder
Improving my English at EFF has given me so much confidence to negotiate deals for my players in English. I can travel to English speaking countries and communicate perfectly now!
Ex-Brazil & Inter Milan Goalkeeper
I was too shy to talk in English before I started learning with EFF. I now have much more confidence to discuss players and talk about football topics with sporting directors from other European clubs.
Ex-Benfica Goalkeeper

Which Football English course is best for me?

EFF Online Course

Football video study courses

  • Get the most important tactical phrases so you can explain your football method with no problems.
  • Watch quick videos that explain football phrases so you can remember them and then use easily.
  • Learn and practice the phrases on your phone wherever you are.
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EFF Live Elite

Live English football coaching

  • Learn with world-class teachers who understand football and the phrases you need.
  • Make fast progress with your English so that you can reach your objectives in football quicker.
  • Receive tasks that will help you with your specific objectives in football.

Your Coach - Qualified Football Coach and Scout

The English For Football method was developed by Ross Jackson and was created after multiple years’ of experience teaching and coaching in football.

Ross is a qualified English tutor, an English FA Football Coach and is a PFSA Certified Football Scout.

He is dedicated to helping football professionals reach their language objectives and has worked with UEFA and FIFA.

Ross Jackson
Football Language Coach

Who are English For Football courses for?


Learn the simple and most effective phrases that will allow you to instruct your players and explain your training methods in order to get great results.

Understand tactical expressions and strategies in English so that you can analyse football games and players more accurately.



Describe the roles and characteristics of players with more effective words so that you can write better scouting reports in English and work for the world’s biggest clubs. 

Be less confused with the coach’s instructions so you can perform better. Understand what your teammates are saying to you so that you can have better conversations.