Communicate Better
with Your Players On The Pitch

Improve your English communication skills as a coach 

with these English online courses

Improve Communication

Do you need to improve communication with players? Do you want to explain defensive instructions clearer? Learn and use over 60 Football phrases and strategies in this course!

Explain Strategies Better

Explain tactical strategies. Talk more confidently about your footballing methodologies. The course features videos of in-game situations to help you understand and explain things better!

Boost Your Confidence

The Football for Football Professionals Course is designed to give you more confidence when speaking football in English. Express your methods with confidence.


  • Learn tactical phrases to use with your strategy
  • Understand instructional phrases and add them to your training
  • Improve your motivation phrases as a coach and player
  • Obtain phrases with context via videos
  • Practice your understanding with online tests
  • Increase your knowledge of the game in English
  • Practice and repeat the most common English phrases
  • Boost your confidence as a football coach, player, analyst and scout!


  • 8 Modules including subjects such as PRESSING, MARKING, DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES & MOTIVATION
  • 60+ tutorial videos featuring in-game action, giving you a visual explanation of how to use English phrases and terms.
  • 60+ tutorial PDFs that describe phrases in simple terms
  • Tests to check your learning and note your progress
  • Easy to use learning platform
  • Support from a professional English teacher
Want to understand football strategies and phrases in English?
Moving to a native English-speaking country and need to communicate better in training?
The English for Football Professionals Intermediate Course is designed to help you gain understanding, confidence and perfect your communication on the football pitch!


  • Communicate better with your players
  • Run clearer training sessions
  • Explain tactics and strategies better
  • Build better relationships with your players
  • Know how to use common English phrases in Football
  • Adjust faster to English speaking environments
  • Progress your football coaching/scouting career better


English for Football Professionals Intermediate


  • English for Football Professionals (8 Modules)
  • 60+ Video Tutorials of Real Time Football
  • 60+ PDF Tutorials with Diagrams
  • 60+ English for Football Pros Tests
  • Defensive Strategies & Phrases 
  • Attacking Strategies & Phrases
  • Transition Strategies & Phrases
  • Basic English Phrases for Team Talks
  • Basic English Phrases for Communication with Players

English for Football Coaches - Beginners


  • English for Football Coaches - Beginners (6 Modules)
  • 40 Video Tutorials of Training Exercises
  • 100+ Technical Training Phrases
  • 30+ English Tests to help remember phrases
  • Passing Phrases & Directions
  • Setting Up & Giving Rules Phrases
  • Finishing Exercises & Phrases
  • On / Off The Ball Phrases
  • Defensive Organisation & Movement Phrases
  • Encouragement & Motivation Phrases

"I was in the dark before. But now knowing English I am seeing the world in a different perspective. I advise anyone to learn more - add another language."

Mauricio Pochettino - Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach